‘Give the Girl a Chance’: The 1979 General Election.

Wales since 1945

Margaret Thatcher waves after being elected Prime Minister

The Importance of the 1983 election

On 4 May 1979, Margaret Thatcher would be elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. It was an historic moment in political history for many reasons. Firstly, the election of Mrs Thatcher meant that the United Kingdom for the first time would elect a woman to lead the country as Prime Minister, she was also the first woman elected into power in any European government. Secondly, the Conservative party would regain the majority of the electorate from labour giving them the opportunity to form a government.

Since the end of World War 2, Wales has always been a comfortable area of victory for the labour party. The countries strong connection and history with industrial works such as steel and iron make seats like Merthyr Tydfil labour strongholds. However, in the 1979 election, although labour remained theā€¦

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