Cardiff’s hit of Beatlemania: The Fab Four light up the Capitol

Wales since 1945

As the Beatles arrived at the Welsh capital on 12th December 1965, the reception given to them by their fans mirrored that of almost every show they played. The queue outside the Capitol Theatre stretched for several hundred metres and screams of excitement could be heard for many more.

IMG-0990 The Beatles, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, place a doll on the Capitol Theatre’s Christmas tree during their one night stand in Cardiff.                               (Western Mail, Monday, December 13th, 1965)

More than simply pop-group, the Beatles embodied and thrived from what some refer to as the ‘counter-culture‘ movement that was emerging during the 1960’s. Relatively affluent youths across the globe challenged cultural and societal norms through various expressions of music, fashion, drugs and protest movements. The Beatles personified the challenges to…

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