Meet the Team

This is the staff and student team from Swansea University that are working together to create the 2017-18 edition of the Gorffennol journal and blog.


Charlie RozierDr Charlie Rozier, Supporting Lecturer

Charlie Rozier is a Lecturer in Medieval History and employability coordinator in the History Department. He will be helping us to organise the journal this year, overseeing the project and helping us if we experience any problems in the process.

You can find out more about Charlie’s research and teaching interests at


Charlie welcomes students to follow him on Twitter: @rozierhistorian


Amy-Megson2-150x150Amy Megson, Chief Editor

Studying for her Masters in Medieval Studies

My research interests cover medieval history and literature. I prefer the later Middle Ages (particularly c.1300 onwards), and enjoy the topics of the history of the English language, the medieval Church, and kingship – especially the interplay between the latter two. My literary interests concern the Arthurian legend, Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, and gender theory.



Harry-Cochrane2-150x150Harry Cochrane, Chief Art Editor

Studying for his Masters in History

I arrived at Swansea University in 2014 from Yeovil in South Somerset via Chilton Cantelo School. My years of study at Swansea have centred largely on the political and military histories of the rise and fall of the British, French and Russian empires alongside more modern topics such as the Cold War, Yugoslav Wars, and post-war Wales. At undergraduate level, I completed my dissertation on British naval prize law in the Napoleonic Era, and received a full scholarship for my Master’s degree. My master’s thesis discusses the role of scapegoats within British national identity during the Seven Years’ War.



Lauren-Kent-150x150Lauren Kent, Production Editor

Third Year History Student

I am so happy to be the production editor for Gorffennol. I really enjoy promoting the journal on social media. It allows people to read about history so easily, learn and be inspired by our writers. On the blog and within the journal. It’s amazing how we can translate that to others – people interested in history and the creative industry. This experience is so valuable to me, not only do I enjoy it, but I also hope it will be good experience to pursue a future career in publishing. Furthermore it’s great to be a part of such an inspiring, intelligent and passionate team.



Adam-Fletcher2-150x150 Adam Fletcher, Head of Communications

Third Year Ancient and Medieval History Student

Whilst reading for a BA in Ancient and Medieval History, I have had the opportunity to study a diverse range of topics, from ancient art and architecture to Anglo-Norman warfare; all of which I have found to be both engaging and intellectually stimulating. The central focus for much of my research has concerned the history of England and France in the High Middle Ages (c.1000-c.1300). In particular, I am fascinated by the political situation in Europe in the age of the so-called ‘Angevin Empire’. As such, for my dissertation, I am in the process of conducting a prosopographical study into members of the Anglo-Norman aristocracy who went to the duchy of Aquitaine during the reigns of Henry II and Richard I. I hope to continue to pursue new and exciting topics next year by doing an MA in Medieval Studies.



Communications Officer Photo

 Emma Andrews, Communications Officer

History Masters Student

My research interests are primarily concerned with the social and gender history of Modern Britain. I particularly enjoy looking at Wales and conducting local studies with a wider context. For my undergraduate dissertation I analysed the relationship between gender and suicide and attempted suicide in Swansea between 1875-1905. I am currently undergoing research for my MA thesis which concerns juvenile delinquency and youth culture in 1960s Wales.




Georgia Yates, Communications Officer

History Masters Student

My research interests are primarily concerned with the social history of modern medicine. I also enjoy studying military history, with a specific focus on the relationship between science and warfare. For my undergraduate dissertation, I analysed the role of animals in the British weaponisation of anthrax during the Second World War. I would like to continue researching the utilisation of animal bodies in military science.




Olivia Rogers, Communications Officer

Second Year History and Politics Student

I am really excited to become part of the Gorffennol team this year, and I look forward to being able to help create the Journal. Ever since I was young I have had a keen interest in history, especially in the monarchies of Europe during the nineteenth and twentieth century. Since arriving at Swansea in 2016 I have centred my studies around twentieth century history, more precisely 1945- Post War Reconstruction and the re-patriation of the Jewish community, and the Cold War. In the near future I hope to pursue a career in either publishing or the Civil Service.




Henry Needham, Blog Editor

First Year History Student

I am a first year History student from Birmingham. My favoured areas of research and study are 20th Century politics, Modern British history and the time of the French Revolution. I came to Swansea in September 2017 straight from A-Levels. I am delighted to be a member of the Gorfennol Journal team as I feel this is a helpful stepping stone in my historical career.




James Davies, Blog Editor

Third Year Student

I am studying a history degree. The research I am interested in covers more of modern history. predominantly from 1500 onward. My dissertation covers the origins of the American revolution. For future projects I hope to undertake something within journalism.




Fay Braybrooke, Blog Editor

Medieval Studies Masters Student

I first came to Swansea in 2014, when I started BA in History. Graduating with a 1st class degree, I am now following on from this by studying for a MA in Medieval Studies. My interests are mainly founded in the medieval church and the cult of saints in particular.

caitlin.PNGCaitlin Naisbitt, Blog Editor

Third Year History Student

My research interests include the late early modern period (specifically 1750-1800) and the history of medicine. I am currently undertaking my dissertation which focuses on the role of the Enlightenment and the rhetoric of sensibility in changing British attitudes towards slavery and empire between 1770-1830. After completing the third year of my history degree I hope to return to the University to pursue my Masters degree in history.




Tom Davies, PR Officer

Third Year History Student

I am currently a third year history student specialising my dissertation in the British media’s influence and portrayal of the Spanish Civil War. I enjoy all aspects of history but mainly focus my study on modern and political history. After graduating I am continuing at Swansea to do a postgraduate MA in International Journalism.