‘The Nation Mourns’ The Response to Winston Churchill’s death in Wales.

Wales since 1945

Recently, Gary Oldman received the Best Leading Actor Oscar at the 2018 academy awards for his portrayal of Sir Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour. 53 years on from his death Britain and the rest of the world are still fascinated by Churchill’s achievements and in awe of his credible career.

At 8am on Sunday 24th January, Britain awoke to the news released by the BBC, that Winston Churchill, aged 90, had died in the early hours of the morning after a series of strokes and long- term illness. The response to Winston Churchill’s death in Wales reveals the sense of Britishness that Welsh people were identifying with in the 1960’s.[1] The public outcry of emotion in the short period between Churchill’s death and his state funeral is evidence of the popular pride of Britishness that was entangled with Welsh national identity.  The Union Jack flags hung in Welsh town centres; from…

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