Sianel Pedwar Cymru: The creation of a Welsh-language fourth channel

Wales since 1945

On the 1st of November 1982 Sianel Pedwar Cymru more widely recognized as S4C started broadcasting. S4C was the first television channel of its kind as it was specifically aimed at a Welsh-speaking audience and its creation was a key moment for Welsh nationalism and the preservation of the Welsh language.

A Welsh language dedicated channel was seen by some as the best way to further promote the Welsh language and improve its programming. Up until the creation of S4C Welsh language programming had been showcased on the BBC and HTV with around twelve to fifteen hours being produced weekly.

The period before its inception was tumultuous to say the least with protests, broken promises and numerous political debates all being key components to its eventual creation. Previous plans to create the channel had also been postponed due to money concerns which were rife during the late 1970’s amidst the…

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