The Beveridge Committee Report for Broadcasting: The Impact of the BBC and Welsh National Identity.

Wales since 1945

2018 marks the 95th anniversary of the first radio broadcast in Wales. The history of Welsh identity has been the subject of rigorous academic discussion in recent years, from many different angles and it would be foolish to exclude broadcasting as a subject for discussion. The rise of Nationalist parties such as Plaid Cymru and Undeb Cymru Fydd promoted a lack of national independence and recognition in Wales and the Beveridge Committee of 1949 made a great impact on the history of Welsh broadcasting and the promotion of Welsh identity.

‘The basic job of the BBC in Wales is to nourish and encourage national unity and to add wealth, depth and value to all aspects of national life’ [1]

The words of Alun Oldfield-Davies, the acting director and Controller of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) from 1945 until 1967 show that not only did he see Wales as a nation but he saw it as a nation that lacked a cultural identity.

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