The 1945 General Election: The Great Change

Wales since 1945

The 1945 General Election was an example of huge political change and the results in Wales provide an interesting snapshot of this. The results from the constituencies of both Swansea West the former constituency of Newport demonstrate the shift which won the Labour Party the 1945 general election in such a commanding manner.

The 1945 election results saw labour gain a majority of 145 seats, making seven gains in Wales alone and taking 25 of the 36 Welsh seats. Martin Johnes explains the backdrop against which Labour’s victory was achieved. He writes of ‘wartime fears that peace would bring a return to the depression and misery of the 1930s’ which made ‘the Labour Party’s promise that socialism could change the very basis of society so appealing.’[1] With this in mind the sweeping victory which the Labour Party achieved comes as little surprise, especially in Wales where economies and communities…

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