Bill Haley’s Rock Around the Clock Tour

Wales since 1945

In 1956, Bill Haley’s filmRock Around the Clock hit Britain. The film was released in England, Scotland and Wales, being shown in places like Newport, Cardiff and Swansea. It symbolised the beginnings of the phenomenon of teenage culture, as  audiences vandalised cinemas and acted in other violent ways. These actions caught the attention of the media, which helped spread the outbreak in teenage violence from London to Cardiff and the rest of Britain.

Who was Bill Haley?

Bill Haley was an American rock ‘n’ roll musician who topped the charts with his songs ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’ (1954) and ‘Rock Around the Clock’ (1956). Despite being a ‘teenage icon’, at the height of his fame Haley was in his thirties. His impact on youth culture in the fifties was soon forgotten by the emergence of the younger and more alluring Elvis Presley.[1]  Nonetheless, Haley’s Rock…

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