Say hello to our 2017-18 team!

After achieving a first-class honours in History and Medieval Studies at Swansea University, our Chief Editor, Stephanie Brown, is leaving the team to undertake a Masters course at Cambridge. Through pioneering the history journal’s new direction and training other history students in editing skills, PR related tasks, and how to liaise with students and lecturers in the department, Stephanie Brown really has been an asset to the Gorffennol journal and we wish her all the best at Cambridge and in her future.


A word from Stephanie Brown…

“Working with Charlie and the team to re-launch Gorffennol was the highlight of my third year. I am so proud of the journal’s transformation and all the things that we achieved. While I am very sad to be leaving the team, I am reassured knowing that the journal is in safe hands. Amy, Lauren and Harry have all been active members of the editorial team. Plus, they all won awards for their hard work on the journal last year. I wish Charlie and the team the best of luck and I am already looking forward to reading the 2017-18 edition.”

Steph in her graduation gown on Swansea bay (copyright photograph Stephanie Brown)


Meet the new team!

Our new team will take form of three students who have shown dedication in the last year. Firstly, Amy Megson will take the role of Chief Editor from Stephanie Brown. Lecturer Charlie Rozier, employability officer for the History department, will continue to guide the team and assist them with decision making and meetings related to Gorffennol.  They will be further supported by both Harry Cochrane (Chief Art Editor) and Lauren Kent (Production Editor).

Structure of the team:

Diagram illustrating the new structure


The team model is an excellent exemplar for editing experience if any of the team wish to pursue a career in publishing. Alternatively, there are transferable skills such as teamwork, initiative, interpersonal skills, and managerial experience. These will be valuable when applying for a job in the current job market, as they set the students apart from other students with a history degree.

Amy Megson, looking forward to being the chief editor for the next year with Gorffennol, says…

“I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the team last year, and am looking forward to leading it in the approaching year. It’s very sad to see Steph leave, and we hope to carry on her incredible work to a standard she’ll be proud of!”

Lauren Kent, our production editor, who is very proud and honoured to be a part of the Gorffennol team, says... 

“I am so happy to be the production editor for Gorffennol… I am interested in everything creative and social media related. So this opportunity is a real honour and I am proud to be a part of a talented team. However I will miss Steph, as she has taught me a lot to prepare for this role.”

Harry Cochrane talks about Gorffennol‘s development and his hope for the new team…

“Last year, the Gorffennol team had a vision for the journal: we wanted to present our academic submissions in an engaging format; more than just swathes of plain white paper. Not only did we achieve that, but we have also set a benchmark for ourselves and other departments to replicate our success in the coming year… Steph played an enormous role in this success, and her guiding hand will be solely missed. As such, the journal’s new structure will seek to streamline the role of Chief Editor to maintain the high standards we have set. With this come new challenges of management and delegation as Lauren and I see our roles revised. I’m greatly looking forward to kicking off a new year with the journal, reading all the new submissions, and meeting all of our new editors.”

We are confident our team will further increase the success of the Gorffennol journal in the upcoming year. Our team are excited and enthused to get started in September. If you would like to be a part of the team, do not hesitate to contact us on twitter @GorffennolSwan or send an email to  

More about the new team can be found on the ‘meet our team’ section on our blog!



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