James Aitcheson Visits Swansea University

On the 21 February 2017, between 16:00-18:00 James Aitcheson will visiting Swansea University for a talk! Are you a fan of his books, or of medieval history in general? An open lecture will be in held Glyndwr Lecture Room B.

James Aitcheson, is a historical novelist who studied History at the prestigious Emmanuel College of Cambridge University. He has to date, written four books of historical nature the: Sworn Sword (2011), The Splintered Kingdom (2013), Knights of the Hawk (2014) and The Harrowing (2016).

James is participating in two sessions:

Session one (open only to students studying HIH 252: War and Society in the Anglo-Norman world): It will be broken up into sections. James will give a short presentation of twenty minutes on the history and sources of the narration of Anglo-Norman history in his books. Then students will be given thirty minutes to pick out opinion, fact, and narration in medieval sources, as well as critiquing its underlying sources, and audience. Lastly there will be a ten minute plenary which students will be asked to try composing their own short dramatic narratives of events depicted in the sources studied, for discussion in a follow-up session one week after this event (what did they find difficult/easy; how much did they stick to or move away from the medieval sources, etc.). Students will be encouraged to send their original writing to James Aitcheson for comments and feedback.

Session two: Open to all staff, students and members of the public. James will give a talk titled: ‘Writing Historical Fiction’ lasting 30-40 minutes on the craft of writing historical fiction and storytelling through historical themes. This session will include the opportunity for questions and comments relating to any aspect of their interests and experiences in creative writing.

After this event, you are welcome to enjoy drinks at the reception lasting one hour and are free to discuss with lecturers and like-minded people about James’ talk and are welcome to discuss the novels themselves. Charlie Rozier will also be present for any questions you have for him.

Sponsored by the ‘College of Arts and Humanities Teaching Support Fund’ this event is really worth attending to allow your imagination and passion for history to combine. We look forward to seeing you there.

By Lauren Kent, PR Officer and Editor.

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